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May 26, 2017 Minutes

May 26,2017


The meeting of AUPE Local 048 was called to order at 09:07 by the Chair Shelley Brooker.

Statement of Equality was read by June St Lewis

1) IN ATTENDANCE– Chair Shelley Brooker, Vice Chair June St Lewis, Treasurer Dorothy Loftus, Secretary Olea Lindholm, Provincial Executive Representative Christina Sefton,ch 1 Dee Erickson, ch 2 Nicole Meyhew Ch 3 Margaret Billings, Kathy Groves,Val Monkman Ch 04 Catherine van Tol, ch 5Chelsea Block, Sandra Morrow, ch 6 Elizabeth Lado Ch 07 Heidi Spicher,Kathleen Mulcahy,Norma Crump Ch8 Zeny Deguzman Debbie Campbell Ch 9 Patricia DeFreitis Ch 11 Jan Busch, Diane Johnson,Ch 12 Sukhi Johal,John McCrea , Ch 13 Sue McIntyre ,Tess Bynoe ,Anna Marie BaileyCh 14 Nicky Kandola, Rupindar TurnaCh 15 Tanya Hansford,ch 16 Ester Brako Ch 18 Melissa Moret Ch 19 Ruth MacDonald ch 20 Wendy James ,Carrie Westerhoud Ch 21 Angela Huber,Lourdes Alberto,ch 23 Berna Soriano, Ch 24 Naida Walsh,Noel Pastor Ch 25 Nadine Frederick,Josephine Covin ch 26 Narchy Delacruz Cagech ch 29 Tanya Perry ch 30 Kalsay Korthuis ch 31 Stephen Siu ch 32 Brenda Thompson ch35 Melissa Smith Nurse ch 36 Laara Stang ch 37 Shuguang (Aroura) Wen Ch 38 Fariba Nazari

REGRETS –Ch 10 Ben Canzas, ch 17 Tracy Oliver, Shelley Wilton, Heather Westcott, Ch 22 Nancy Lydom, Edith Pasco ,ch 27 Debbie Warkentin ch 33 Nidst Negash, Hawi Fufa, ch 34 Adela Avenido, Mileth Gloriani ,ch 39 Danny Dale, Frances Hanson


Guests and Observers : Guy Smith President, Bonnie Gastola, Vice Pres, Elda Glover and Jeff


4) READING AND ADOPTION OF MINUTES March 24 as corrected M/S/C


May 25


a) Thank you cards

b) Thank you from the Red Deer Food Bank


Chair: Shelley Brooker

Vice Chair: June St Lewis

Treasure: Dorothy Loftus

Secretary: Olea Lindholm

PE Rep: Diane Johnston

Alt PE Rep: Kathleen Mulchay

OH&S: Tanya Perry

Policy Committe

Chair : June St Lewis

Jan Busch

Heidi Spicher

Cathy VanTol

Finance Committee

Chair: Dorothy Loftus

Zeny Deguzman

Christina Sefton

Ruth McDonald

alt: Norma Crump

Melissa Smith Nurse

Anti Prive:

chair: Diane

Angela Huber

Nichole Meyhew

Laara Stang


Chair: Tanya Perry

Kathleen Mulchay

Nida Walsh

Kathy Groves


7a) Chair Shelley Brooker –Written report accepted as presented. M/S/C

7b) Vice Chair June St Lewis - Written report accepted as presented. M/S/C

7c) Treasurer Dorothy Loftus- Written report accepted as presented. M/S/C

7d) Secretary Olea Lindholm- Written report accepted as presented. M/S/C

7e) Provincial Executive Rep Christina Sefton –Written report accepted as presented. M/S/C


8a) Policy Committee – - No Meeting

8b) Finance Committee – Dorothy Loftus – Written report Budget attached, Chapter totals for this year (does not include any monies remaining from last year) M/S/C

8c) Anti Privatization Committee - No meeting no concerns

8d) Occupational Health and Safety –

8e) Women's Committee Ruth MacDonald, have received 315 applicants for the kids camp max of 65 names will be selected

8f) members Benefits Committee Kathleen Mulchay , financial support available for education, and bursary for secondary education all information is on Line, also funds are available for family (spouse and children) of members who have passed away for upto 1 yr. AUPE.org/membersbenifit

8g) membership services: Diane Johnston- new contacts discounts must be greater than 15% everything from eyewear to insurance. check on line

Speaker on Essential Services: Please find information attached.


a) Convention, we will have 49 members attending convention this year, information will be sent out to members who will be attending in July .

b) new chapters concerns: there has been concerns brought forward that the new chapters do not feel they are receiving enough support and information, they are organized and they left to fend, we did find out that there is an MSO assigned to the chapters for the first year to assist with information, but unfortunately if they are attached to an organization that is already organized they are on their own, as a local we will try and work with them to help with this transition stage, also if you require help don't hesitate to contact anyone of your executive.

c) Concerns were brought forward about the hotel that is being booked for the executive meetings regarding its cleanliness, we will look into other facilities in the area.

Chapter reviews:

Ch 01New CSM Shauna Ferguson starting new staff dialog meetings a large staff turn over going to Covent health

Ch 02 - Got a raise, waiting for Retro June 15, Emac meeting happening, working short staffed

Ch 03 - Got a raise, waiting for Retro June 15, Bargaining meetings starting July 19th Got People of Bethany shirts for staff, needed to work on sizing as shirts were very small, management held a BBQ for nursing week all staff were invited and thanked.

Ch 04 –Got a raise, waiting for Retro got the Tshirts first meeting for Bargaining is July 19

Ch 05. Staff shortages, getting security cameras having an union event on July 6

Ch 06 - 1st time at a meeting

Ch 07 – BBQ july 20th on site, going into mediation, called back to the table

Ch08 - AGM held April 13, EMAC meeting April 21 special meeting was held for food services and problems there, June 21 a course on Essential Services, Aug 9 BBQ on site in honor of nurses week special treats were given out

Ch 09 – Family BBQ on site Bargaining meeting awaiting outcome

Ch 10-

Ch11 - no change, short staff attendance awareness program started going back to bargaining in Aug

Ch 12 - AGM was good, Quiet but working short staffed

Ch 13 - Everything is Okay

Ch 14 – Okay, got raise and retro and gift cards handed out from chapter

Ch 15 - voted May 5 on contract passed with 100% contract begins May 12

Ch 16 - New Manager on 2nd floor problems with bereavement leave, cake for nurse week, holding a BBQ in Aug, AGM well attended

Ch 17

Ch 18 - Going back to bargaining in July, having social function next week

Ch 19 Raise given in April huge pay check mistake, Ruth had to fight to get it corrected but would only do the ones who complained, got all staff to complain

Ch 20 - going smooth, could not get enough members to attend a course so it was cancelled

Ch 21 Raise, Retro and snazzy shirts

Ch 22-

Ch 23 - held social event 60% of staff attended provided dinner for staff who had to work going to hold summer BBQ

Ch 24 Doing Great

Ch 25 - no concerns

Ch 26 - things are not good, have a new administration, new HCAs

Ch 27 -

Ch 28

Ch 29 -organizing trying to get members involved

Ch 30 - had bargaining meeting, low turn out

Ch 31-. first contract

Ch 32 - New CSM May 30 they also have an new MSO Carla Downing, starting a newsletter to keep members informed and hopefully more involved

Ch 33 -

Ch 34-

Ch 35-Doing Good, still in Bargaining do have safety concerns

Ch 36 - are being bought out by Seasons management, signed a 4 yr contract on May 9th with 90% agreeing, alot of staff are leaving to go to new facility

Ch 37 - new chapter, AGM held on April 7, had a pot luck and BBQ for nurses week

Ch 38 - management coming on board

Guy Smith President spoke on some of the upcoming events with AUPE, giving us information on first contract arbitration to stop super long bargaining, and about the new labour bill being brought forward by the government. We brought forward our concerns about the new chapters and lack of support, they are going to look at revamping the website as it is not very user friendly, and try going on to AUPE facebook page as it is one of the most active sites in Canada, always open to suggestions

Also we are getting 2 more chapters 40 Nickel house Carewest and chapter 41 Bedington Carewest.

A big thank you to all of the New Chapters, Good Job!!

12) Food Bank - Innisfail 665.80


The meeting was adjourned @ 3:00 pm by Shelley Brooker Chair of Local 048


Sept 22, 2017


AUPE Calgary Office

#200 – 2116 27 Ave NE

Calgary AB

Minutes compiled by

Olea Lindholm

Secretary Local 48