Bargaining Update Care West

Bargaining Update Care West

Bargaining Update - Local 048/008, 009, 010 Care West GSS

On March 29, your bargaining committee met with the employer to exchange initial bargaining proposals for a new collective bargaining agreement.

A second day of bargaining is scheduled for April 19.

Your bargaining committee will provide a detailed summary following the April 19 meeting with Care West.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of your bargaining committee with your questions, comments or concerns.

Your bargaining committee is:

Lesley Bateman – Glenmore Park
Bev Pierce – George Boyack
Kris Kovatch – Maintenance Services

Kevin Davediuk
AUPE Staff Negotiator
(780) 930-3300 or toll-free
1-800-232-7284 (press 1)

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